G Suite Migration

If there is one thing that gives a nightmare to an organization, it’s being in a position to migrate their email & data between platforms. From the planning and testing to the cutover and maintenance, there are so many things that could go wrong. Now the primary communication mechanism of the organization must be migrated without any hassles. But do not worry, our specialized professionals will help through the process of migration and make it a seamless experience for the users as well as the organization.

We use native tools from Microsoft (EAC) and 3rd party tools as per our client requirements for migrating the email & data from Google workspace to Microsoft 365. All the tools are trusted by leading service providers to migrate email, drive data, calendar, contacts, etc. We follow professional project management approach in delivering best in class services to our clients.

Our team of experts will handhold and guide you through the end-to-end migration process to make it a successful event. We will assist you with the following process.

  1. Scope of Work for migration
  2. List of resources that can be migrated from Google.
  3. Preparation of O365
  4. Domain Verification in O365
  5. Trail Migration
  6. Full Migration
  7. Cut Over Migration
  8. Admin Training
  9. Post Implementation Support

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