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Microsoft Dynamics 365 acts as an all-in-one solution to simplify and manage critical business practices. With Dynamics 365 apps implementation, enterprises can close more deals, increase customer demand, serve improved customer experience, automate operations, enable seamless shopping experience, optimize resources, and accelerate profitability.

By evaluating your core business practices and specific process flow along with challenges you are struggling with, Meridian can configure a solution simplifying your day-to-day organizational practices from connecting and engaging customers to resource optimization, developing key reports & analytics, managing finance, enabling supply efficiency to demand forecasting, and more. We can implement Dynamics 365 modules suited to your exact workflow to produce improved results and attain productive and scalable results.

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Dynamics 365 Features

With Dynamics 365 Business Applications, enterprises can improve their entire workflow, support their ideation, strategize their processes, and empower everyone to make informed decisions.

Continuously track and control your sales pipeline utilizing in-built Sales Analytics and real-time reports & insights. Make productive use of these insights to support your decision-making and impact your production planning. With the Sales app module, predict sales data, forecast demand, and plan capacity to improve sales results and accelerate your production line.

Connect, engage, and drive your customers suited to your domain context. Get your system configured with a marketing app module to bring seamless flow in terms of marketing in your organization. Stay updated with organizational movements, industry trends, and global analytics to support your marketing strategies impacting to generate customer demand and well-turn your marketing campaigns.

Improve your customer service level with standard integrated Dynamics 365 Implementation. Optimize your processes, maximize your resource utilization, and ensure on-time customer delivery while reducing operational costs. With real-time data insights, detect customer issues and resolve the same leveraging IoT integrated device alerts to roll out customer-satisfactory service delivery.

Bring advancement in your financial management practices with the Finance module of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Automate your processes, gain financial visibility, forecast & plan your financials to streamline your production line, predict demand, control & budget, and make better financial decisions simplifying your current processes and supporting your futuristic operational flow.

Enable 360-degree view into your supply chain practices with Dynamic 365 solutions. Improve your customer experience, drive productivity, ensure demand analysis, quickly respond to customers, resolve quality issues, and prevent customer delays. With an integrated supply chain solution, stay updated with real-time inventory status, warehousing operations while reducing system downtime to drive scalability.

To simplify and support your manufacturing and distribution practices, implement a highly integrated solution configured with AI, IoT, and Mixed Reality capabilities. Enables seamless flow for your manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practices while enabling a smoother connection with your suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers to drive seamlessness and continuity.

Consistently engage your customers leveraging omnichannel efficiency facilitated by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Solutions. Provide a highly unified and customized experience to both your customers and partners. Build a trustworthy relationship with your customers by allowing them to buy from anywhere at any time using any device or browser to impact and build massive customer relationships.

Attract, engage, and onboard the right talent in your organization as well as ensure them with necessary training with the HRM module of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Optimize your human resource practices, strengthen your HRM team with modernized resourcing and advanced end-user training & supporting capabilities to make every employee productive and efficient.

Productive Reasons for Implementing Dynamics 365 Solutions

Sales & Marketing

Effortlessly engage and drive your customers while nurturing qualified leads to close more deals and generate more revenue. With the Sales & marketing module of Microsoft Dynamics 365, engage more potential customers and convert more leads by effectively utilizing AI-based sales insights and customer analytics along with sales prediction and budgeting capabilities.

Customer Service

Provide timely and reliable support to your customers to ensure and drive trustworthy customer relationships for the long run. Provide personalized experience to your customers by optimizing service operations. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, strengthen your sales workforce to connect, engage, and serve customers in real-time as well as make instant decisions with the help of powerful AI insights.

Connected Field Service

Enable your workforce to work collaboratively leveraging seamless communication and instant serving approach introduced by Microsoft. Allow your field service executives, field technicians, and more to connect in real-time to serve the collaborative optimal solution to the customers. With the Connected Field Service module, enable your Field Technicians to fulfill work orders and can get real-time guidance at customer location.

Finance & Operations

Boost your financial visibility and overall financial performance with automation and AI-enabled finance analytics and custom reports. Optimize your operations, manage stock level, drive seamless logistics, and uplift your customer experience. With Finance & Operations Dynamics 365 Business Applications, predict disruptions, plan capacity, strategize your production line, and more to reserve profitability.

Connected Commerce

Create omnichannel efficiency to fulfill your customers with a personalized shopping experience across your shopping space or channels. Develop customer trust and exceed their expectations by effectively using customer insights. With Connected Commerce, strengthen your employees with real-time visibility into customer data to analyze and predict customer needs proactively and serve them accordingly.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Capabilities

  • Work from anywhere and on any device as your business grows on-premises or in the cloud
  • Integration capabilities with other Microsoft Applications as well as third party business applications through Microsoft AppSource
  • Powered by modern technologies like IoT, machine learning, and mixed reality
  • Boost employee productivity and efficiency by automating workflows and with the help of real-time insights for each user role
  • Manage your financials efficiently even if you expand into global markets
  • Monitor your financial performance and make profitable financial decisions with the help of business-wide real-time insights
  • Build a high-quality sales funnel with guidance on the best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities throughout your sales cycle
  • Helps provide exceptional customer service and delight your customers
  • Manage projects better by optimizing resources with the help of real-time business intelligence on project status, profitability, and resource utilization metrics
  • Improve supply chain management by having a unified, holistic view of the inventory, the ability to predict stock requirements, and effective vendor management practices
  • Warehouse Management Optimization
  • Manufacturing Output Optimization

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